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Notify Health

Effective reminders for childhood vaccinations.
For a future where all children thrive,
free from preventable disease.

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We are a non-profit supporting healthcare systems to implement automated message and voice-based vaccination reminders for parents of newborn children. Our reminders notify parents based on the local routine vaccination schedule.

Our solution

We collaborate to:

Create or identify suitable databases containing child birth dates and parent contact information

Design informative and convincing reminders tailored to the local context

Send SMS and voice-based reminders through automated mass-messaging systems

Reminders are low-cost and scalable, have proven effective in practice, and have strong evidence to increase vaccination coverage by several percentage points. The evidence also covers different contexts in several sub-Saharan African countries - A geography we aim to specialize in. 

The problem: Under-vaccination

20 million children

missing vaccines annually

700,000 child deaths

every year

>50% burden in Africa

in terms of children affected

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​​The number of children missing lifesaving vaccines is up two million from four years ago. As a result of vaccination gaps, vaccine-preventable diseases kill hundreds of thousands every year, most of them in Africa.

Multiple barriers prevent parents from seeking out vaccines for their children. These include knowledge about vaccine benefits, vaccine schedules, and the importance of timeliness. Furthermore, the salience of upcoming vaccination appointments can be low in the challenging contexts many parents in low- and middle-income countries live in.

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Many of these barriers are addressable by simple notifications at the right time, which we aim to provide through our solution.


Our Team

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  • Medical doctor - MbCHb (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery)

  • Experience as a medical doctor in Ghana, as well as in multiple non-profits improving maternal and newborn health in Nigeria and India

  • Passionate about finding the most scalable and cost-effective ways to ensure access to essential healthcare and opportunities for a better life

  • 5 years of consulting experience focusing on IT and technology, efficient operations, and infrastructure/energy strategy including for public sector stakeholders

  • M.Sc. Management (Finance/Strategy) and track record in building early-stage organizations

  • Passionate about using technology and efficient systems to create better healthcare and healthier lives for everyone, regardless of where they live


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  • We are especially looking to connect with healthcare system leaders and  partners advancing global and local health, especially vaccination, and with those supporting entrepreneurs and new non-profit ventures leveraging technology solutions in those fields 

  • We are also always open to discussing volunteering opportunities, supporting Notify Health’s vision in areas like research, technology/IT, communications, and operations

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